Scheck & Siress Sponsors 2018 Warrior Games

scheck & siress Tim Russo adjusting prosthetic leg

Scheck & Siress Sponsors 2018 Warrior Games to Support Participating Athletes

Scheck & Siress recently participated as a sponsor at the 2018 Department of Defense Warrior Games — a 9-day athletic event held at The Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. More than 300 active-duty military service members and veterans competed at the event, representing the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Participating athletes competed in eleven sports, including track and field, sitting volleyball, wheelchair basketball, swimming, shooting, archery, powerlifting, and indoor rowing.

For the second year in a row, Scheck & Siress provided a prosthetic and orthotic repair station for participating athletes at the Warrior Games, ensuring athletes were game-ready at all times for the competition. The repair station included a team of at least 3 clinicians and a mobile lab equipped with machinery and computer-aided design technology. Throughout the 9-day event, the Scheck & Siress Team had 65 unique encounters with athletes, completing tasks such as; overhauling of prosthetic running legs, troubleshooting and repair of prosthetic/orthotic equipment, resolving comfort/fit issues, and performing modifications/adaptations to optimize various sporting equipment. Athletes who used prosthetics and/or orthotics during the competition pushed their equipment to the limits, making the competition even more fierce and exciting.

Scheck & Siress finds the greatest honor in being part of the Warrior Games, providing a resource to athletes and helping them achieve their goals.