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Types of Foot Amputations

It can be very scary to go through an injury or trauma that demands a medically necessary amputation. Part of the reason you might feel afraid is, you don’t know what to expect or what questions to ask your doctor.

Boyd Amputation: Uses, History, and Process

If you’re dealing with pain or a congenital defect in your foot and your doctor has discussed amputation, you should understand there are different types of amputations available. One such lower-body amputation is the Boyd amputation. This procedure involves amputation at the ankle level while preserving the calcaneus and heel pad. That way you can […]

How Does a Below-Knee Amputation Work?

Transtibial amputation, or below-knee amputation, occurs when a surgeon fully removes a lower limb due to disease, a congenital defect, or trauma. Although amputation is possible for anyone of any age, the prevalence of this type of amputation is highest among people 65 years of age and older. In recent years, the number of below-knee […]

Types of Prosthetics

Prosthetics help people by serving as a replacement for a specific body part that has been amputated. Over the years, prosthetics have become more advanced and sophisticated as technology improves. The type of prosthetic someone needs will vary based on several determining factors. Well-designed prosthetics offer much-needed functionality, provide emotional comfort, and help the amputee […]

Miami J Collar vs Aspen Collar

In the event of a spine injury, fracture, or surgery, you may find that you need to immobilize this part of the body. A dedicated orthosis for this purpose will help stabilize your cervical spine and prevent further injury. While a cervical collar may seem cumbersome, this device can provide essential protection and safety in […]

How long should I wear a knee brace?

Knee pain can make everyday activities painful, let alone your typical workout routine. When you’re experiencing knee pain due to overuse or injury, a brace may allow you to continue with your activities, including exercise, by supporting the knee while it heals. Factors to consider when using a knee brace include the type of brace […]

A Guide to Above the Knee Amputation

An above-the-knee amputation is a major surgery that will have a significant impact on the rest of your life. This procedure is typically sought only when all other options are unavailable. While you may have some time to consider and prepare for the procedure, you may also need an amputation with little warning if you’re […]

How to Wear a Wrist Brace

Completing repetitive tasks with your hands can be damaging to your body. In some cases, this is an unavoidable situation. If you’re experiencing pain or numbness in your hands or fingers, you may find comfort and relief from wearing a wrist brace.

How Does a Prosthetic Arm Work?

Prosthetics, or artificial limbs, are used to replace limbs that were lost or absent limbs from birth. They enable those with congenital limb differences and amputees alike to improve function and mobility. Due to advances in medical science, prosthetics have improved and are capable of remarkable things.