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How Long Do Orthotics Last?

Orthotics, like braces and shoe inserts can reduce or eliminate pain, improve your mobility, and help you heal from a variety of injuries. How long your orthotics will last depends on the type of orthotic you have as well as various environmental factors. Keep reading to learn more about the average lifespan of orthotics and […]

How Do Compression Socks Work & What Do They Do?

Compression socks, also called compression stockings, apply pressure to the legs and feet. They can help people treat medical issues and increase blood flow during exercise. Here’s some more information about compression socks, their benefits, and the types of compression socks available. What Are Compression Socks? Compression stockings apply more pressure to your legs and […]

Types of Ankle Foot Orthosis

Ankle foot orthotics provide critical support for patients with a variety of foot, ankle, and gait issues. There are many types of orthotics that your physician may recommend for your condition. Understanding some of the options can help you identify which brace is best for your needs. What Are Ankle Foot Orthotics Used For? Image […]

5 Event Spaces in the Oak Brook, Illinois Area

Are you putting together a special event in the Oak Brook, Illinois, area? Then you want to host it at a venue that can help make your celebration a memorable one. No matter what size gathering you have in mind, you know you can find a spot that will perfectly suit your needs when you […]

What Is the Oswestry Disability Index?

Also known as the Oswestry Low Back Pain Disability Questionnaire, the Oswestry Disability Index helps to measure a patient’s lower back pain. It evaluates the extent to which the patient’s level of function is restricted by the pain, concentrating on the effects rather than the nature of the pain. Considered by many clinicians and researchers […]

Paralympic Sport Clubs in the Chicago Area

Did you know that more than 21 million Americans are living with physical and visual disabilities? Sports and physical activities offer these folks vast health benefits, including boosting self-confidence, maintaining a healthy weight, and lowering blood pressure. Now more than ever, there’s a need to develop comprehensive, community-based programs to educate Americans on the opportunities […]

What Is the Romberg Test & How the Romberg Test Is Performed

The Romberg test is a very common assessment of an individual’s balance and coordination. This test has been around for 150 years, proving its effectiveness as well as its ease of use. While the Romberg test can provide helpful clues for diagnosing various issues, it is not in itself a conclusive diagnosis. Results vary greatly […]

Best Orthotics For Flat Feet

When you have foot problems, it can ruin your entire day. You stand on them all day at work, dreaming about going home to put them up to find some relief. If you suffer from foot pain, in particular flat feet, allow the experts at Scheck and Siress to offer some insights on the best […]

Disabled Sports: A Quick Course in Popular Para-Sports

From the top-of-the-mountain Paralympic Games to local get-togethers, individuals with disabilities are showing up to give it their all in their favorite sports. Here are a few examples of sports that people with disabilities have taken head-on: Canoeing Paracanoeing became an official Paralympic sport in 2009. The rules and goals for competitive canoeing take on […]