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What’s the difference between anterior and posterior cord syndrome?

According to 2020 data provided by National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, new spinal cord injury (SCI) cases occur each year. Classifying different types and the severity of traumatic spinal cord injuries is imperative not only for doctors but also for patients. This classification is used as a universal language so all SCI specialists can […]

Syme Amputation

If you’re faced with the possibility of a foot amputation, you might not know there are different types of amputations available. One such option is the Syme amputation, which involves removing the foot at the joint where the ankle meets it. You’re able to keep the heel pad so you can continue to put some […]

Prosthetic Arm Hooks

For those who have either lost a limb or were born without a whole or partial one, using a prosthetic hand can help improve their lives. Depending on how the person plans on using their prosthetic or terminal device, they can choose from a variety of options that range from an arm hook to an […]

How Do Prosthetic Hands Work?

If someone lost a limb to due an amputation or from a birth defect, getting a prosthetic hand can help increase the person’s ability to function in a somewhat normal fashion. Depending on the type of prosthetic hand the person chooses, they can perform grooming and self-care tasks, engage in daily activities such as cooking […]

What is the Tinetti Balance Test?

Various conditions can affect gait, balance, mobility, fall risk, and other issues related to walking, sitting down, or standing up. In such cases, there are some tests that your medical provider may perform to diagnose your condition and come up with a treatment plan to address any symptoms you’re experiencing. Let’s delve into some of […]

Types of Foot Amputations

It can be very scary to go through an injury or trauma that demands a medically necessary amputation. Part of the reason you might feel afraid is, you don’t know what to expect or what questions to ask your doctor.

Boyd Amputation: Uses, History, and Process

If you’re dealing with pain or a congenital defect in your foot and your doctor has discussed amputation, you should understand there are different types of amputations available. One such lower-body amputation is the Boyd amputation. This procedure involves amputation at the ankle level while preserving the calcaneus and heel pad. That way you can […]

How Does a Below-Knee Amputation Work?

Transtibial amputation, or below-knee amputation, occurs when a surgeon fully removes a lower limb due to disease, a congenital defect, or trauma. Although amputation is possible for anyone of any age, the prevalence of this type of amputation is highest among people 65 years of age and older. In recent years, the number of below-knee […]

Types of Prosthetics

Prosthetics help people by serving as a replacement for a specific body part that has been amputated. Over the years, prosthetics have become more advanced and sophisticated as technology improves. The type of prosthetic someone needs will vary based on several determining factors. Well-designed prosthetics offer much-needed functionality, provide emotional comfort, and help the amputee […]