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Should I Wear Orthotics All the Time?

When your doctor first recommends orthotics, you might feel a sense of relief. You can finally get the support you need for chronic pain and discomfort. Although they’re designed to help you feel better, orthotics can take some getting used to. Find out what to expect from orthotics and learn when you should wear them […]

Chicago’s Must-See Public Art Installations

The streets of Chicago almost act as their own art gallery for the residents in Chicago. The abundance of statues, sculptures, and murals mean you get to experience something new with each step. With so much to see and photograph, you can spend the entire day looking for the art pieces that you feel most […]

What Is the 30-Second Sit-to-Stand Test and How Is it Performed?

Assessing the physical capabilities of a patient is a critical process in providing care to an individual. Testing allows physicians to determine their patient’s condition to craft a care and treatment plan to help improve the patient’s daily life. The 30-second sit-to-stand test is a simple test that allows for assessment of the condition of a patient’s […]

What is Phantom Pain?

Originally theorized to be a psychological issue, Phantom Limb Pain (PLP) is now treated as a condition of the central nervous system. The sensations or pains originate in the brain and spinal cord, therefore they feel as real as if the limb was still there. Research over recent decades has yielded many possible causes and treatments […]

10 Famous Amputees You May Not Know About

You may not realize it, but there are many famous amputees. Many of these celebrity amputees continue to live incredible lives, often helping others who have experienced similar situations. Learn about 10 celebrity amputees and their stories. Rick Allen Rick Allen, the drummer for Def Leppard, lost control of his Corvette and crashed into a […]

The 12 Most Breathtaking Views of Chicago

Chicago is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful American cities. From beautiful Lake Michigan to the city skyline, there are many stunning spots to enjoy in Chicago. Here are 12 spots offering breathtaking views of this magnificent city. Belmont Harbor Found at the center of Chicago’s Lincoln Park, Belmont Harbor is one of the largest […]

Caring for Your Feet When You Have Diabetes: Diabetic Foot Care

With diabetes, there are several complications that can make you more prone to foot issues. First, high blood sugar can mean you’re at risk for infection. Second, you might unknowingly suffer from nerve damage, or neuropathy. Diabetes can also impede circulation, making you more prone to injuries, cuts, calluses, and blisters. Here are a few things […]

Best Major League Baseball Players to Come Out of Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, is the hometown of many iconic people and attractions, and the city is widely known for the famous baseball players who reign from there and the surrounding suburbs. Check out these legendary baseball players born and raised in Chicago. Lou Boudreau Known as an iconic baseball player from Chicago, Lou was born in Harvey, Illinois right outside of […]

5 Tips for Traveling with a Prosthesis

Flight Travel with a Prosthesis Ahhhhhh that overdue vacation. Tickets booked, bags packed, dreams of the soothing ocean waves running through your head. But wait…. How do you go through the airport with your prosthesis? The rules of traveling with a prosthesis can seem unclear. Below are some tips for smooth sailings from Scheck & […]