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Cosmetic Covers and Restorations

Now you can have a prosthesis that is both functional in design and extremely natural in appearance.

If you would like your prosthesis to better match your sound side, we can apply a life-like cover to it. Or, if you are missing a finger or toe, we will provide a custom-molded silicone prosthesis in its place that blends in with the other digits.

Every detail will be created by hand to match your own anatomy. In fact, the details of your cover or silicone prosthesis, including hair, veins, tattoos, and freckles, will match your natural skin so closely that people will be amazed. We even incorporate realistic acrylic nails, which can be painted.


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This is where Engineering meets Art

There are two stages in the construction of silicone skins. In the Scheck & Siress office, a mold is taken of your sound side. That mold is used to create a cover made of flexible, transparent silicone rubber that matches your own skin’s texture and shape.

The mold is given life-like appearance during the second stage and you are present and involved throughout the color matching process to ensure your satisfaction with the skin tone. Using custom color matching, our artists paint the inside of the silicone to create a skin that has the color variations of your own skin. Because paint is not on the surface, the covers cannot be stained or damaged by water, detergents or scrubbing. Acrylic nails are also molded and painted for the most natural appearance possible.

Your custom-molded and colored prosthesis will be delivered to you during a later appointment at Scheck & Siress. To learn more about Simply Real Cosmetic Restoration, contact your Scheck & Siress prosthetist.

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