Lower and Upper Extremity

Prosthetic Services


From beginning to end, your experience at Scheck & Siress will be one of coordination among you as a patient, your prosthetist and other caregivers like your physician and your therapist. Together, we will work to fit you with the best prosthesis for your life and goals.

Prosthetic services that may benefit you include:

  • Pre-surgical consultation with your physician to discuss goals and options before amputation surgery.
  • Post-surgical/pre-prosthetic management to protect your surgical site, stabilize your limb.
  • Prosthetic fitting, treatment plan and rehabilitation will all be provided in coordination with your physician, therapist and any other appropriate caregivers.

Lower extremity
(Foot and Leg)

Upper extremity
(Hand and Arm)

  • Body-powered limbs
  • Myoelectric limbs
  • Partial hand prostheses
  • Activity-specific prostheses
  • Cosmetic covers for lifelike appearance
  • Scheduled device maintenance and repairs
  • Ongoing patient education
smiling child with prosthetic leg
Computer-Aided Design And Manufacturing for prosthetics
business woman walking with prosthetic leg