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Experience Counts

We understand that your child’s well-being is your first concern. You can feel confident knowing our certified orthotists have the knowledge and skills to manage your son’s/daughter’s individual orthotic needs. Every year, hundreds of families choose to return to us for that experience.

Easier for You

We have 15 locations and a large team of clinicians, many of whom have decades of experience in caring for children. With a variety of office locations and convenient day and evening office hours, we make getting an appointment to see your orthotist easy. From there, we strive to make your evaluation, fitting and other appointments as stress-free as possible.


Care with Communication

It takes a well-coordinated team to provide optimum orthotic care. As a parent or caregiver, you are a key player on that team. Your child’s doctor, therapist and school aid may work with your orthotist to help that child reach his or her potential. Scheck & Siress clinicians work with doctors and therapists at area hospitals and school clinics to offer the most comprehensive care available.

We understand that your child’s well-being is your first concern. You can feel confident knowing our certified orthotists have the knowledge and skills to manage your son’s/daughter’s individual orthotic needs. From corrective shoes to cranial molding helmets, Scheck & Siress has the expertise to create a custom orthosis to meet your child’s needs.

Pediatric Orthotics

child walking with Pediatric WalkAide

Pediatric WalkAide System

This system is an advanced Functional Electrical Stimulation device specifically designed for children. Uniquely programmed for each child, it stimulates the nerve to lift the foot. Users have a more natural, balanced and safe gait so they can be more active and confident on any surface.

knee ankle foot orthosis KAFO


Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis
Our KAFO treats knee instability including Blount’s Disease. The KAFO is a custom-fabricated and reduces flexible, angular knee deformities by producing a 3-point biomechanical corrective force.

colored ankle foot orthosis AFO brace


Ankle Foot Orthosis
Our custom-fabricated AFO encompasses the foot, ankle, and calf to treat muscle weakness, contractures or skeletal alignment abnormalities.

tuning afos

Tuning AFOs

Tuning is a technique for adapting Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFOs) to accommodate leg and foot spasticity. Orthotists trained in AFO Tuning work as a team with physicians and physical therapists to help children with neurological conditions. Tuned AFOs are more helpful for the child’s daily activities and more effective in treatment.

UCB foot orthosis

UCB Foot Orthosis

The UBC is a foot orthosis that provides stability of hind- and fore-foot with high medial-lateral flanges and deep heel cup. This device is custom-fabricated and used to treat pronation and mal-alignment.

Supra Malleolar Orthosis SMO


Supra-Malleolar Orthosis
For flexible, flat or pronated foot, this orthosis holds the heel in a vertical position while supporting the three arches. Our SMO is custom-fabricated.

pediatric TLSO brace


Thoraco Lumbar Sacral Orthosis
Our TLSO is used to correct spinal curves or to give spinal support, often used as a post-op treatment for spinal surgeries. The TLSO also provides biomechanical forces to treat scoliosis, kyphosis or neuromuscular spinal deformities. This devices is custom-fabricated and made from either rigid plastic or a softer flexible material.

foam plastic hip abduction orthosis

Foam and Plastic Hip Abduction Orthosis

In cases of hip dysplasia in infants, we use the Hip Abduction Orthosis, which maintains hips in flexion and abduction to allow for proper development of hip joints. This pre-fabricated device is generally used with the Pavlik Harness.

child with adjustable hip abduction orthosis

Adjustable Hip Abduction Orthosis

Maple Leaf or Newport
For post-op abduction positioning in pediatric hip surgery patients, the Adjustable Hip Abduction Orthosis maintains length in involved muscles and controls unwanted motion. This device comes in both custom-fabricated and pre-fabricated.

ankle foot orthosis wheaton brace

Wheaton Brace

Used to treat flexible metatarsus adductus, the Wheaton Brace includes a static AFO with forefoot abduction correction. Our Wheaton Brace is prefabricated and sometimes includes interconnecting thigh section to hold the knee flexed at 90 degrees.

cranial molding helmet

Cranial Molding Helmet

The Cranial Molding Helmet treats plagiocephaly, brachycephaly or scaphocephaly in children ages 4 to 12 months. All of our Cranial Molding Helmets are custom-fabricated.

pavlik harness on baby

Pavlov Harness

For hip dislocation/ subluxation in newborns, our Pavlov Harness is used to hold a position of femoral flexion and abduction to properly maintain the femoral head within the acetabulum. This a pre-fabricated device often used with the Hip Abduction Orthosis.

foot abduction orthosis dennis brown bar

Denis Brown Bar/Abduction Bar

For pathologic foot alignment conditions including severe metatarsus adductus, tibial torsion or clubfoot, we provide pre-fabricated Denis Browne Bar/Abduction Bar, a metal footplate attached to corrective shoes.

hip orthosis for sitting walking standing


Sitting/Walking/Sitting Hip Orthosis
The SWASH is used to treat pediatric spastic displagia and spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy. This device controls strong, unopposed hip adduction or scissoring and reduces hip adduction and internal femoral rotation.