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Pain management through nerve stimulation is an alternative to surgery and medication or a way to improve the result of your surgery or medication. This is the latest in non-invasive pain management. Electrical stimulation can be used at home and in therapy to manage and reduce pain in many areas of the body.

A Certified Orthotist trained in this technique will design an individualized program to control your pain. Your care will be managed through regular follow-up visits and collaboration with your doctor and therapist. You may sleep better, have more energy and find yourself with the freedom to lead a more eventful lifestyle!

Electrical stimulation works with the body to allow muscles to relax, increase strength, decrease muscle atrophy from disuse and improve physical therapy and overall well-being. Products offered include Bionicare for improvement of OsteoArthritic knee pain and custom-fit garments with embedded electrodes to make using them as easy as possible.

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