Wrist, Hand, Arm & Elbow Orthotics In Chicago – Upper Extremity

Orthotics – Upper Extremity

Spasticity and injury are two of the most common reasons our patients use wrist, hand, arm, and elbow orthotics. Our experienced orthotists provide custom-made and custom-fit upper extremity orthotics for all your needs.

At Scheck & Siress, excellent patient care is a company priority. Our team is made up of highly experienced professionals who have the skills to provide effective orthotic solutions for you. Our team of practitioners is continually working to advance that care through research and education.

Wrist and Hand Braces

wrist hand orthosis in chicago


Wrist-Hand Orthosis
Custom molded, a WHO may be made of canvas, metal or plastic. It is ideal for positioning and stabilization of the hand and wrist joints.

wrist cock up splint in chicago

Wrist Cock-Up Splint

Designed to support the wrist from both top and bottom. Usually made of a soft material like canvas or neoprene with a metal insert that is molded to the patient for stability.

resting hand orthosis in chicago

Resting Hand Orthosis

Usually made of molded plastic and worn under the hand and wrist. Offers support and holds the hand in a resting, extended position.

Arm, Shoulder and Elbow Braces

ulnar humeral fracture brace in chicago

Ulnar or Humeral Fracture Brace

A protective is device worn to aid in healing and alignment of fractured arm bones.

shoulder abduction restraint in chicago

Shoulder Abduction Restraint

Limits movements that might cause recurrent dislocation of the shoulder. It may be made of canvas and neoprene or of more rigid plastic.

over the shoulder elbow splint in chicago

Elbow Splint

Controls movement in the joint and helps it heal after an injury or surgery. Reduces movement if you have arthritis or spasticity.

Figure of 8 Clavicle Brace in chicago

Figure of Eight

This clavicle support promotes healing after the bone is fractured or broken.

shoulder immobilizer on man in chicago

Shoulder Immobilizer

A sling and soft wedge-shaped support combine to help with recovery after shoulder surgery or injury.

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