Orthotic Devices In Chicago

Orthotic Advancements

The Latest Technology and Materials for Mobility

functional electrical stimulation FES for foot drop

Functional Electrical Stimulation for Foot Drop

For people who have Cerebral Palsy (CP) or Multiple sclerosis (MS), or people who have suffered a stroke, traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury, Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) may be a solution to foot drop. The two FES devices we use in place of an AFO are the Walk Aide and Ness L300 by Bioness. These stimulate the peroneal nerve to cause the affected foot to raise at just the right moment in a person’s walking pattern.

carbon fiber ankle brace

Carbon Fiber in Braces

Carbon Fiber is extremely lightweight and strong. It can be used instead of plastic in ankle-foot braces and other orthotic and prosthetic devices. Carbon Fiber even springs back when pushed, so it can offer some energy return for the AFO user.

stance control knee and foot orthosis

Mobility Increases For Using Stance-Control KAFO

Technology has advanced enough to give Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO) users more mobility. New joints in the knee portion of the stance-control KAFO allow the person wearing it to bend their knee while walking and still have excellent support from their KAFO.
a bionic arm with a blue hand on a gradient blue background

Advancements in Bionic Limb Technology

New technology has allowed us to create prosthetics that are more responsive and allow for smoother and more varied movement. A bionic limb gives the user much more control and movement through the use of sensors and computers that respond to both thoughts and muscle movement. Bionic arms can, for example, allow a user to move fingers and wrist.