UCBL Shoe Insert


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UCBL Shoe Insert

(University of California Berkeley Laboratories Shoe Insert)UCBL Shoe Insert

The UCBL (or UCB) shoe insert is considered a maximum control foot orthosis.  It was named after the Laboratory where it was researched and developed.  The UCBL is used to stabilize a flexible foot deformity.  It differs from standard Foot Orthotics in that it fully encompasses the heel to hold it in a more properly aligned position.  The UCBL also controls the arch and outside border of the foot.  It is custom fabricated and intended to be worn by the person for which it was prescribed.


Always wear socks while wearing a UCBL, to protect skin from any irritation.

  1. Place UCBL inside appropriate shoe.
  2. Ensure that heel of orthosis is at the back of the shoe and that the foot is properly seated inside UCBL.

A special shoe is not needed to accommodate orthosis.  If needed, remove insole from shoe to create additional room.  You may need a shoe that is a size larger and/or size wider.

Wearing Schedule

On the first day, begin by wearing the orthosis for one (1) hour.  After one hour, remove the orthosis and check your skin.  Some slight red marks may be observed on the skin.  These should fade and/or go away completely within 20-30 minutes.  Slight redness is common at the arch. If redness does not go away within 20-30 minutes, or if you notice any blistering or bruising do not put the orthosis back on.  Call your Orthotist and schedule an appointment.

On the second day, put the orthosis on for two (2) hours.  Check skin, once again.  Increase amount of wear time an hour each day.  It typically takes 7-10 days to break in the UCBL to be able to wear it all day.  Continue to check your skin for any areas of concern.  It is typical to experience muscle soreness while adapting to the UCBL as your walking patterns are changing.  Wear the UCBL daily to experience the best results.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The UCBL may be cleaned by wiping it with a damp cloth.  You may also use rubbing alcohol on the plastic to remove any body oils and residue.  Also, keep the brace away from excessive heat to prevent damage to the plastic.

If you experience any problems, please contact your Orthotist.