Tibial Fracture Brace


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A Tibial Fracture Brace is a protective device worn on the lower leg to aid in healing and alignment of an injured bone.  The brace promotes fracture healing by compressing the soft tissue in the leg to limit its motion.  It is imperative that the straps and plastic shell stay tight over the tibia (shin bone) to allow for proper healing.

The Fracture Brace should be treated like a cast, meaning it should be worn full-time.  Your doctor will determine if the brace can be removed at certain times during the treatment period.  As the swelling in your leg decreases, you may notice that the brace becomes loose.  Tighten the Velcro straps to ensure the brace maintains compression.


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Cleaning & Maintenance

Your doctor will determine when you are able to remove the fracture brace for bathing.  The fracture brace may be cleaned with a washcloth and warm water.  It may be disinfected with rubbing alcohol or mild antibacterial wipes.  Harsh cleaners, like bleach, are not recommended as the brace is in close contact with skin.  Do not submerse the brace in water as it may damage the foam lining.  Hand wash the cotton stockinette with warm water and mild detergent.  Lay it flat to dry.  Ensure that your leg and stockinette are dry prior to reapplying.

Important Information

  • The brace should always be tight to maintain compression to promote fracture healing.
  • Always wear a sock underneath the brace. This will prevent skin breakdown and improve overall hygiene.  Sock changes will be directed by your doctor.

Please contact the Doctor and/or Orthotist if you have any questions or concerns.

Fracture brace with footplate Fracture brace without footplate
Fracture brace with footplate Fracture brace without footplate