Protective Cranial Helmet


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Protective Cranial Helmet

A Protective Cranial Helmet is used to protect the skull to prevent injury and/or protect the head after surgery. They may be used for infants as well as adults.


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  • If the helmet comes with a side opening, place your thumbs on either side of the opening and open wide. If the helmet does not have any slits, place your hands under the earpieces and gently expand the plastic.
  • Carefully place helmet on the head, being cautious to not rub on any incisions or wounds. Ensure that the helmet does not rub on the ears, or cover the eyes.
  • Fasten the Velcro strap on side of the helmet. Or fasten chin strap if there is no side opening.


Wearing Schedule

The helmet should be worn according to instructions provided by the doctor.

protective cranial helmet


Cleaning & Maintenance

The helmet should be cleaned daily to prevent any skin irritation and buildup.  Wipe the outside of the helmet with a damp cloth. 

Use unscented rubbing alcohol to clean the inside of the helmet while using a soft cloth.  Paper towels tend to rip and prevent proper cleaning.  Do not submerse the helmet in water.  Ensure that the inside of the helmet is dry prior to reapplying.

Important Information

Redness is common when wearing a custom protective helmet due to contact with the skin.  However, redness should not persist more than 30 minutes. If redness remains longer than 30 minutes, please contact your Orthotist.

If you experience any problems, please contact your Orthotist.