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There are many options and manufacturers for prosthetic feet on the market today. The type of foot being used depends on the person’s weight, activity level, occupation, hobbies, and funding. The basic categories of feet are SACH, single axis, multi-axial, and energy storage.

  1. SACH (solid ankle cushioned heel) – The SACH foot is dependable, inexpensive, and low in maintenance.
  1. Single Axis – a single axis foot is generally used when knee stability is needed. This would commonly be used on an above-knee prosthesis.
  1. Energy storage – this foot may also be referred to as a dynamic response foot. This foot provides an active push-off that propels the user forward. It provides a smooth gait with less energy expenditure.
  1. Multi-axial – a multi-axial foot allows the wearer to walk on uneven terrain. The foot allows the anatomical motions of the foot (dorsiflexion, plantar flexion, inversion, and eversion). Most often a mult-axial foot is also energy storage.

There are also feet with hydraulic ankles, adjustable heel height, and with motors.

  1. Hydraulic Ankles – a hydraulic ankle allows a more normal gait with an articulated ankle allowing for improved stability when walking on uneven terrains, especially on slopes. It also allows better toe clearance and more comfort when sitting by allowing the foot to sit flat on the ground.
  1. Adjustable Heel Height – An adjustable heel height foot allows the wearer to use different shoes easily. With the push of a button, the foot can be adjusted to accommodate the different shoes.
  1. Motorized Ankles – A foot with a motorized ankle allows the foot to propel the wearer forward.

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Below is a partial list of manufacturers of prosthetic feet with their websites:

Ability Dynamics:

College Park:







Otto Bock:


Willow Wood: