Air Cast Pneumatic Walker Diabetic System


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General Description:

A “Walker” is a walking boot for diabetic care that limits the movement of the ankle and or foot during activities such as walking and transfers.

Adjustable air bladders and a special pump are used to control swelling, promote circulation and reduce movement of the foot and leg inside the device, therefore reducing friction and sheer to the skin.

A special rocker sole, along with this immobilization, reduces stress to the skin, joints, bones, and tendons during activities.

Your physician may recommend using a cane, crutches, or a walker to limit the amount of weight you put on the leg while using the walking boot. These devices can aid in balance even if full weight-bearing is allowed.


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Pneumatic Walker Diabetic System (Air Cast Brand) - Figure 1



Step 1: Prepare the boot for use

  • Open all straps, remove the front cover, and open all flaps (See Figure 1)
  • Using the blue hand pump, remove the air from the 4 air bladders – this is done by attaching the end of the pump that says ³deflate´ to the valve attached to each air bladder; then squeeze the pump repeatedly until all air has been removed (See Figure 2)

Pneumatic Walker Diabetic System (Air Cast Brand) - Figure 2

Step 2: Prepare the leg

  • Follow all physician instructions for wound care, dressings, and topical medications
  • If no specific physician orders are given, apply a long cotton sock that is non-restricting and longer than the walking boot (See Figure 3)
  • Make sure the sock is wrinkle-free and not too tight at the toes (See Figure 4)

Pneumatic Walker Diabetic System (Air Cast Brand) - Figure 3

Step 3:

  • While sitting, place leg in the brace with the heel positioned all the way to the back of the boot (See Figure 5)
  • Smooth all wrinkles from the sock and air bladders
  • Wrap side foot flaps over foot (See Figure 6) and loosely wrap toe cover over foot (See Figure 7)
  • Apply front panel with foot portion tucked into brace (See Figure 8) and upper portion outside (See Figure 9)
  • Secure all straps working from bottom to top (See Figure 10)

Pneumatic Walker Diabetic System (Air Cast Brand) - Figure 4

Pneumatic Walker Diabetic System (Air Cast Brand) - Diagram

Step 4:

  • Inflate each air bladder in the order as shown in diagram 1
  • Start with bladder #1
  • Insert ³inflate´ side of hand pump into air bladder valve stem (See Figure 11)
  • Squeeze and release blue hand pump bulb
  • Repeat until bottom edge of indicator stops at indicated marker as shown in diagram 2
  • Repeat for bladders #2, #3 & #4
  • Once proper pressure is achieved, twist and remove blue hand pump


Pneumatic Walker Diabetic System (Air Cast Brand) - Figure 7

Note: Air pressure must be adjusted any time straps are adjusted and/or walking boot is removed.




If you experience any problems, please contact your Orthotist.