Leather Ankle Gauntlet (AFO)


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The leather ankle gauntlet AFO is a custom-molded Ankle Foot Orthosis.  It may be used as a conservative (non-operative) management of various foot and ankle conditions, including posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD), ankle osteoarthritis, and chronic ankle pain.  The orthosis is constructed of thermoplastic and leather.  It is to be worn with a Velcro or lace up shoe. It should only be worn by the intended recipient.

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Leather Ankle Gauntlet AFO


  • Apply a long cotton sock.
  • Loosen laces/Velcro closures on front of AFO.
  • Slide foot into orthosis (as if you were putting on a boot).
  • Ensure that heel is at the back of device and begin tightening laces/Velcro from the bottom.
  • Tie laces/fasten Velcro for a snug fit on foot.
  • Put on shoe.

A special shoe is not needed to accommodate orthosis.  If needed, remove insole from shoe to create additional room.  You may need a shoe that is a size larger and/or size wider.

Wearing Schedule

On the first day, begin by wearing the orthosis for one (1) hour.  After one hour, remove the orthosis and check your skin.  Some slight red marks may be observed on the skin.  These should fade and/or go away completely within 20-30 minutes.  Slight redness is common at the arch, instep and bony areas of the foot/ankle. If redness does not go away within 20-30 minutes, or if you notice any blistering or bruising do not put the orthosis back on.  Call your Orthotist immediately and schedule an appointment.

On the second day, put the orthosis on for two (2) hours.  Check skin, once again.  Increase amount of wear time an hour each day.  It typically takes 7-10 days to break in the AFO to be able to wear it all day.  Continue to check your skin for any areas of concern.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Use a damp cloth to clean the orthosis with a mixture of one (1) part rubbing alcohol and one (1) part water. Do not submerse the AFO in water.  Allow orthosis to dry before putting it back on.  If AFO becomes wet, please allow to dry completely.

Tips & Problem Solving

  • Be careful when using AFO in shoes with different heel heights as instability may occur.
  • If your AFO “squeaks” while wearing a shoe, apply a small amount of baby powered to the outside of orthosis or to inside of shoe.

If you experience any problems, please contact your Orthotist.