Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (HKAFO)


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The term HKAFO is an acronym that stands for hip-knee-ankle-foot-orthosis and describes the part of the body that this device encompasses. This device is basically a KAFO with the addition of a hip joint and pelvic section.

The addition of the hip joint and pelvic section provides control to selected hip motions. These selected motions about the hip are front to back, side to side, and rotation. One reason the hip section is added to a KAFO is to reduce or minimize the risk of the hip moving out of proper position or dislocating.

Another common reason is to stabilize the hip and lower spine in cases where the patient is weak or paralyzed. One common application of HKAFO is RGO, or, reciprocal gait orthosis, which helps move one hip upon moving the other hip and encouraging a normal gait.




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