Foot Orthosis – FO


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FO (Foot Orthosis)

A foot orthosis is used to support the foot and encourage an improved gait. A foot orthosis may also be prescribed to accommodate certain foot shapes and help relieve areas of pressure.  Foot orthoses are generally fabricated from a variety of materials to best suit each patient’s specific needs.


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foot orthotics (FO)

foot orthotics (FO)


Always wear socks while wearing foot orthotics, to protect skin from any irritation.

  • Place foot orthosis in an appropriate shoe.
  • Ensure that heel of orthosis is at the back of the shoe, and there are no wrinkles if your orthotic has a full-length footplate.

FOs may be transferred to different shoes as long as the shape and style of shoes are compatible with the orthotics.

Wearing Schedule

On the first day, only wear your FOs for one hour.  Increase wear time by one hour each day.  If pain or discomfort occurs, please remove the FOs from your shoes and call your Clinician.

Cleaning & Maintenance

FOs may be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth or rubbing alcohol.  Be care to not immerse in water as it may damage the materials.  Also, keep the FOs away from extreme temperatures.

Tips & Problem Solving

  • If the FOs squeak in the shoes, apply a small amount of baby powder to shoes and FOs.
  • Be sure to examine your feet to check for any signs of irritation or blistering.

If you experience any problems, please contact your Clinician.