Prosthetic Fingers and Partial Hands Prosthesis


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Prosthetic Fingers

Prosthetic restoration of the fingers is generally done for cosmetic purposes (see figure 1). The process of making custom cosmetic fingers involves molding the residual finger, molding the uninvolved side for duplication purposes, and matching the skin and nail coloring. The goal is to have a device that resembles the unaffected side and transitions nicely on the involved side. The fingers are usually fabricated from custom molded silicone. The fingers are functional in that they act as an extension or leverage for the residual portion of the involved finger.


Partial Prosthetic Hands

Partial hand prosthesis can be designed to provide a cosmetic or functional restoration for the wearer. The prostheses that are designed with cosmetics in mind are constructed of material that is most life-like looking, usually a silicone restoration. (See figure 2)


The devices that are designed for function attempt to enable a functional grasping pattern. The device aims to achieve “opposition” or the ability to grasp an object using the prosthesis or prosthesis and remaining fingers. (See figures 3 and 4)


The prostheses can be worn full time or for activity specific purposes.


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Application and Removal:

Apply and remove the prosthesis according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Care and Maintenance: 

Clean the prosthesis according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact your prosthetist.