Cervical Orthosis (Aspen Collar, Miami J)


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Cervical Orthosis (Aspen Collar, Miami J)

A cervical orthosis is used to protect and immobilize the cervical spine (neck) in the event of injury, fracture, surgery, or severe cervical stenosis.  It is typically a two-piece design made of a thin plastic frame and removable soft liner. It should only be worn by the person that was measured and custom fit for the collar.


The cervical collar is typically applied while laying down.  Only with the doctor’s permission is the patient able to apply while sitting upright.

Laying down with caregiver assistance:

  • It is preferred to have a second caregiver provide assistance with placing the back panel under head.
  • With one person stabilizing the patient’s head, have the caregiver carefully slide the back panel under the patient’s head through the neck crevice.
  • Ensure that the back piece is centered behind head and sides of panel are between ears and shoulders.
  • Place the front portion under chin—chin should not be over edge of foam.
  • Securely fasten Velcro from back panel onto front panel.

While seated:

  • Stabilize the head in neutral position (not looking up or down).
  • Place front portion of collar under chin.
  • While holding the front, align back panel in midline of the head/neck.
  • Securely fasten Velcro from back panel onto front panel.

Wearing Schedule

Do not remove collar unless indicated by doctor.  Follow all of your doctor’s guidelines in regards to wearing time.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Pads should be cleaned if they become soiled or damp.  Remove pads from frame, carefully noting location of each separate pad.  Hand wash the pads in mild detergent and warm water.  Rinse well and lay flat to dry.  Allow pads to dry thoroughly before re-affixing them in plastic frame.  Do not place pads in washing machine or dryer as they tend to become damaged.  Clean the plastic frame with a damp cloth and/or rubbing alcohol.

If you experience any problems with the collar, please call your Clinician.

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