3-Point Extension Spinal Orthosis (Jewett and ACE Types)


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General Description

The 3-point extension spinal orthosis is typically used to treat kyphosis and anterior compression fractures of the thoracic andprinter friendly thoracolumbar areas of the spine. It consists of an aluminum frame with chest, pelvic, back, and side pads. The 3-point extension spinal orthosis prevents forward flexion of the thoracic and thoracolumbar spine.


  • Put on a clean t-shirt. Avoid shirts with buttons down the front, such as polo or golf-style shirts.
  • Apply the frame of the orthosis on the front of the body about 2 inches below the collar bone (see figures 1 and 2). The bottom pad should be at the pubic bone.
  • Bring the strap and back pad around the back so the pad lies in the middle of the back (see figure 3).


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3 Point Extension Spinal Orthosis

  • Attach the strap:
  • Jewett – Hook the plastic buckle of the strap over the metal knob on the right side of the orthosis (see figure 4). Then on the left side, flip the metal bar back and down (see figures 5 and 6) supplying tension to secure the strap.

3 Point Extension Spinal Orthosis figure 4-6

  • CASH – Slide the strap through the slit on the front side panel and then

through the metal loop in the middle. Fold back and secure the Velcro

strap (Figures 7 and 8).

3 point extension orthosis figure 7 and 8

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