Stephen Kim

Stephen kim

Masters of Science degree in Biology
Hyde Park

Stephen is an American Board Certified and Illinois Licensed Orthotist and Resident Prosthetist caring for patients at Scheck and Siress.

Stephen provides orthotic care at the Hyde Park office for adult and pediatric patients. He also provides a continuum of orthotic services (custom and non-custom – spinal, HALO, cranial molding helmets, lower extremity orthotics) to the patients at the University of Chicago Hospital. Stephen specializes in pediatric orthotics, including cranial remolding helmets and pectus carinatum.

Stephen has conducted outcome analysis in an internal study of the efficacy of Ballert’s Cranial Molding Helmet during his 10-year history at Ballert Orthopedics. In addition, he has developed a unique method of incorporating hearing aids (Baha) into cranial molding helmets of nonsyndromic and syndromic patients with hearing loss. Stephen has attended various clinics throughout Chicago Hospitals.

Stephen graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign with a Masters of Science degree in Biology. He received his Orthotic and Prosthetic education from Northwestern University in Chicago.

Outside of the office, Stephen enjoys time with his family.