Patient asks, How Long Do Foot Orthoses Last?


What’s the typical lifespan for foot orthoses from your clinic? If you need details re: usage, consider it to be almost daily usage, but no running. Probably 3 – 5 hours/day. Less in summer due to use of cushioned flip-flops.


Thank you for your inquiry about Foot Orthoses.
Scheck and Siress provides many types of Foot Orthoses.  One of the
most common types has a rigid shell that is covered by soft material.

Shoe orthoses

Typical custom-made foot orthoses from Scheck & Siress

If your body weight and functional level have remained the same, the shell can last for many years.  The soft materials can last from 9-18
months depending on usage.  Even though the shell can last for many years, it is important to have the fit checked annually because the structure of the foot can change over time.

Wear your othotics to take care of your feet every day!