Scheck Resident Presents about 3D Printing at Thomas Middle School

Partnered with Sonya Hill from the Arlington Heights Memorial Library, Max Krueger, Resident Prosthetist and Orthotist and Scheck & Siress, presented and spoke about 3D printing at Thomas Middle School for a class project 3DRD — a critical thinking design Class. Students walked away with knowledge about three-dimensional printing and how physical object from 3D digital models are made.

Max explained that proper measurements are important in 3D printing and shed light on the constant changes that require new tools to be created. Max gave the class a great look at how 3D printing is used in real-world applications.

Schek and siress employee teaching about 3d printing

Max Krueger presented to students at Thomas Middle School about 3D printing and its application in the real world.

Student learning about 3D printing

Students at Thomas Middle School examined a number of 3D printed objects during the presentation.

3d printed prosthetic limb

Students at Thomas Middle School take a closer look at the 3D printed prosthetic leg.