Scheck and Siress Hosted the 2018 Scheck SymPOsium

#ScheckAndSiress hosted the 2018 Scheck SymPOsium — an orthotics and prosthetics conference.

#ScheckAndSiress practitioners gained fresh insights from industry experts on topics such as ankle tendon transfer surgery, neuroplasticity and implication to rehabilitation, the NU-FlexSIV Socket, orthotic management, and many more.

Attendees walked away with comprehension on professional development, supportive learning, and having a transformative impact on the field of orthotics and prosthetics.

presentation on Prosthetics

Scheck hosted the 2018 SymPOsium that gave industry experts the opportunity to give fresh insight to practitioners.

Scheck and Siress Residents dining

The great turnout has us excited for future Scheck SymPOsiums!

Practitioners learning about prosthetics

Those attending walked away ready to apply what they learned to go out and transform the lives of their patients.

Scheck and Siress Resident discussing prosthetics

Attendees were able to hear the newest information in the prosthetic world from experts in a number of different fields.