An open letter to Dr. Brennan:

Dr. Brennan,

I am writing to oppose the Draft LCD for Prosthetic Coverage. I fully appreciate the need to save money, but this a draconian proposal that will set the field of Prosthetics and patient care back decades.

I have been a bilateral below knee amputee for 40 years. I work full time as a Prosthetist and have 3 young sons. I am on my prosthetic legs 14-16 hours a day seeing patients and caring for my family. I grew up wearing the kinds of prostheses that are being proposed by this draft LCD. I can tell you from personal experience it would not be possible for me to do what I do for work or my family without the technology that has become the standard of practice in Prosthetics. Instead I would live a life of pain with sores and abrasions on my legs that would reduce my ability to work, and even wear prosthetic limbs all day everyday.

This proposal has no basis in the scientific literature; no potential to improve rehabilitation outcomes; no potential to reduce long term medical spending on amputees; and no potential to develop the United States as a leader in rehabilitation technology.

The one and only objective of this proposal is to cut short term spending related to prosthetic care with absolutely no concern for the overall health and well being of Medicare Beneficiaries and the people who do now or will eventually require a prosthetic limb.

Please do not move forward with this proposal.


Jason Wening MS, CPO, FAAOP