What Orthotists, Prosthetists & Pedorthists Do

What Orthotists, Prosthetits & Pedorthists Do

What do we do?

Orthotists are specially trained healthcare professionals who evaluate, measure, design, fabricate, assemble, fit, adjust or service an orthotic brace. They work with a physician, podiatrist or chiropractor to develop and implement a treatment plan for each patient’s needs. Learn more.

Prosthetists provide solutions to amputees or those who are born with a deficiency. They are specially trained healthcare providers who evaluate, design, fabricate, fit and deliver a prosthesis or artificial limb. Prosthetic devices are custom-designed for the anatomy, needs, and preferences of every patient. Learn more.

Pedorthists design, manufacture, modify and fit foot orthotics, custom footwear, and some ankle and foot braces. Learn more.

Every Scheck & Siress facility is fully staffed to provide Orthotic, Prosthetic and Pedorthic services.