Ethan – Stories from Shriners Hospital


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I would love to share our story. Ethan has been a patient of John (Angelico) for a little over a year now.

We first got introduced to Scheck and Siress through Shriners hospital. We were there receiving therapy however it was not going well. Ethan spent most of his time screaming and crying and his therapist thought maybe it was his prosthetics. That’s when she referred us to John.


We stopped receiving therapy at Shriners however we believe we were meant to go there just so we could find our path to Scheck and siress, since We would have never found them ourselves.

Meeting John Angelico and his team was a life changer. The patience, care and bedside manner John and his team had that first appointment blew me away. He knew exactly what my son needed and how he could help to get him to walk against that’s just exactly what he did.

Thanks to John, Ethan had new legs by August and was up and walking without help by December. It was heartwarming to see our baby boy walk again but then something happened after only walking independently for one week.

John did everything he could to try and comfort Ethan’s sudden change. Ethan was experiencing extreme pain in his right leg. I trusted John and knew he literally did everything he could do to try and ease his pain and once he was at the end of the line he didn’t give up on us. He suggested we see his orthopedic doctor once more. (We had seen his orthopedic throughout this but the pain issue was not resolved) After weeks of appointments, we finally discovered he had neuroma.

ethan shriners patientJune of this year, he had surgery, removed the neuromas and is healed and ready to try again. John currently is making a brand new custom prosthetic and tomorrow is the big day. We will be there to try on the new legs, which he turned into Spider-Man designed prosthetics (using fabric) and hopefully we will see our Ethan walking again very soon!

I cannot say enough great things about John and S&S. He himself is our superhero. Ethan was always afraid of new people and would scream with John. John never let it bother him or showed any issues when Ethan would scream for an hour straight at his appointments. Instead, John got to Ethan’s level and brought him in two old ninja turtles that were his sons. He gave them to Ethan on one very long appointment and Ethan stopped crying and has not cried since. Ethan loves John and gets excited to know John is helping make his “feet” and looks forward to the appointments!

Scheck and Siress will be the only place I will go to! No matter how far I have to drive! The staff up front is also always friendly and ready to assist!

Ethan just turned 4 last week! He is a quad amputee (meaning he has 4 missing limbs). He lost his limbs due to a staph infection which turned septic Labor Day weekend of 2014 when he was 2. He is amputated below the knee on both legs, missing is left hand at the wrist and has a partial hand on his right.