David RotterDavid Rotter, CPO / LPO

American Board Certified Prosthetist & Orthotist
Illinois Licensed Prosthetist, Orthotist & Pedorthist

David is an American Board Certified and Illinois Licensed Prosthetist, Orthotist and Pedorthist with over 20 years of experience. His home office is the Scheck and Siress lab located at the University of Illinois Medical Center.

David, the clinical director of prosthetics for all of Scheck and Siress, is a member of the board of directors and is the chairman of the board of AOPS central fabrication.

David is Scheck and Siress’ “creative solution” expert. He has come up with unique designs to fit challenging cases.  He fits many hip disarticulation and hemipelvectomy patients along with multiple limb involved patients.  David is also Scheck and Siress’ fitting expert for upper-extremity prosthetics.  He has extensive experience in both pediatric and adult management. He additionally specializes in sports related prosthetics and works with many para amputee runners and athletes many of whom are competitive on the world stage.  David also works with many active veterans.

David and his patients have been featured by multiple media outlets including CNN, the New York Times NBC, PBS and CBS news and multiple print publications.

In addition to David’s varied responsibilities at Scheck and Siress, he continues to be an active contributor to the orthotic and prosthetic community. David is the current president of ACPOC. The Association of Children’s Orthotic and Prosthetic Clinics is a multi disciplinary group ranging from surgeons to therapists comprised of the world’s experts in the care of children with P&O needs.  He is also the chair of the Amputee Coalition of America’s upper limb advisory committee.  He has lectured throughout Chicagoland extensively for 17 years teaching P&O to PM&R physicians, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapy students, physical therapy assistants and nurses.

David’s knowledge and perspectives are valued throughout the industry. He has served in an advisory capacity for many top manufacturers such as Otto Bock, Ossur, Freedom and Touchbionics. He continues to be involved in Alpha and Beta testing and clinical trials for many companies helping to conceptualize and guide future products to market. David has presented on multiple occasions at the industries major trade shows AOPA, The Academy and ACPOC.  David is currently authoring two clinical sections that will be published in the newest addition of The Atlas of Orthotic and Prosthetic Care, regarded as the key authoritative publication in the industry.

In 2007, David founded the Chicago Blade Runners, a group dedicated to helping amputees fulfill the dream of running.  From modest beginnings, the group now has 40 members and participates in multiple 5k runs in the Chicago land area.

David is the team prosthetist for dare2tri, a group founded to enable people with a range of disabilities become active and participate in the sport of paratriathlon.

Contact David at david.rotter@scheckandsiress.com